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Beirut Citizens Protest Outside Parliament Precinct

Lebanon’s Parliament Precinct in Beirut has found itself the target for thousands of protestors, with Lebanese Civilians demanding their sadistic government fall after the recent catastrophic blast in the nation’s capital. This blast comes after a 2,750 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate was permitted by the government to be stored in the Port of Beirut. After a fire occurred in Beirut Port’s Hangar Twelve, fireworks also held in this storage facility were seen exploding. Minutes later and the Ammonium Nitrate would explode, prompting a 10-Mile Explosion in a 360-Degree Radius. Thousands lost their lives & the damage that unfolded is worse than that of 9/11.

Lebanese Civilians aren’t allowing their government to go unnoticed for their actions, with Michel Aoun pre-emptively placing the blame onto outside forces without any viable proof. It would’ve been nearly impossible any nation to know that 2,750 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate was stored in Warehouse Twelve, meaning that President Michel Aoun of Lebanon is purposely lying to avoid punishment.

Violent rallies unfolded in Parliament Precinct, with rioters seen battling against Lebanon army Forces & police. Rioters were forced to retreat for a short period until returning with Tear Gas, and Rubble from the Beirut Explosion. Those participating in these violent rallies overtook army personnel and local law enforcement. Rubble boulders were seen being thrown into Lebanon’s Parliament Legislation Building. Civilians have demanded that all members of Michel Aoun’s cabinet be removed from office immediately, which follows after wide-spread scandals & government dysfunction for years.

The Resignations

Multiple members of Michel Aoun’s Parliament have resided following the Beirut Port Explosion. This included Manal Abdel Samad, the Lebanese Information Minister. The Environment Minister of Lebanon also terminated his position in government, with Damian Kattar remarking his solidarity with victims & the families of lost loved ones. It’s known that three additional cabinet members have also resigned, including MP Marwan Hamadeh & MP Nadeem Gemayel. Lawmaker Paula Yacoubian also resigned from her position.

Many believe that the lives lost during the Beirut Explosion will usher in a new era of peace & political innovations throughout Lebanon. This would be beneficial for a nation that’s struggled to maintain political balance in recent decades. New riots & protests will follow in efforts to ensure that Michel Aoun’s government falls.