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Bodies Piling Up Outside NYC Funeral Homes

The Brooklyn Funeral Home is experiencing overwhelming conditions, similar to the Morgue Truck Transporters in New York City. These conditions have prompted the funeral home to begin placing bodies outside their indoor quarters. It follows after space within their refrigerated holding facilities had reached maximum capacity. Locals traversing the streets nearby this funeral home were shocked by the views, seeing upwards of twenty bodies in one pile. These deceased individuals weren’t refrigerated and began quickly decomposing. Locals questioned by reporters mentioned that children passing by saw these horrific conditions, prompting one parent to barge inside the funeral home. What this mother saw was numerous bodies on gurneys, not covered in bags and decomposing in warm temperatures. This prompts the potential for COVID-19 to become airborne.

Reporters from the NYC Post contacted the Brooklyn Funeral Home, which is infamous for not respecting the dead. The long-time owner of this facility is Frank Restivo and had previously harvested bodies in 2005. It was a public scandal that saw no prison time. When questioned on the conditions, Frank didn’t hesitate when saying that there isn’t any room available for the deceased inside. Most aren’t aware that the average funeral home can sustain forty bodies, maximum fifty. The Brooklyn Location was forced to place the dead outside after they’d already doubled their capacity. Any more deceased civilians inside would mean the living couldn’t perform their respective duties.

Burial Limitations for Families with Deceased

Frank Restivo noted that everyone worldwide wasn’t prepared for the skyrocketing volume of deaths, which has prompted a significant level of miscommunication with the hospitals and morgues. This miscommunication has extended towards funeral homes and EMS services, prompting the entire city to enter a state of disarray. Miscommunication is causing authorities to ship the dead over to Hart Island, the burial ground of any pandemic for NYC. Individuals with deceased victims of COVID-19 are provided forty-eight hours to obtain a body from a funeral home, upon which they’ll be immediately shipped to Hart Island without any consultation. Removal fees will cost families $250.00 and won’t begin until the pandemic is concluded in NYC.