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British Man Tackled Outside Westminster Abbey

It’s happened once again; another man was tackled to the ground and arrested by local law enforcement for trying to approach the royal family. This happened during the final engagement with Harry and Meghan with the Senior Royals. The Commonwealth Day Service will mark the last time that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are joined with the Senior Royals. It should be noted that Harry and Meghan are leaving the royal family to pursue a more typical lifestyle in Canada.

The man arrested is believed to be a protestor towards the Royal Family, with him trying to appear like a supporter with a bouquet of white roses. Law enforcement saw through the unruly disguise and immediately charged towards this unknown assailant, who was then grabbed by the waist and thrown to the floor. The Scotland Yard hasn’t provided any insight regarding who this individual might be or the charges that were filed against him.

Harry and Meghan joined the remaining royal family individuals, which include Queen Elizabeth II and her family members. Those extend to Prince William, Prince Charles and their respective wives. The two remaining princes will remain in the standard roles in the monarchy, with Prince Harry being the only individual to step away from the monarchy. Though he won’t be stripped of his military titles, the Prince will lose his royal titles. This is the cost of wanting a new personal life with financial freedom in North America.

The Past & Future

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were seated next to the Countess of Wessex, with Prince William and Princess Kate sitting behind them. The individuals sitting in the first row of the royal seats included Prince Charles, Princess Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II. Both Harry and Kate have experienced an influx of royal duties before bidding their public goodbye.

It’s unknown if the Queen and her grandson will have a formidable relationship moving forward, with insiders claiming that the Queen is incredible offended by their decision. There are billions worldwide that would want the title of Royalty, with Prince Harry throwing away countless opportunities, including the chance to be King of England. Going forward, these two individuals plan to create charities that assist with the unhealthy and sick, indicating that their time as royals created honourable people.