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Capturing Memorable Moments in the Great Outdoors

Spending time in nature often brings about the perfect scenery, memorable moments or the most exquisite flora. This calls for the moment to be captured eternally. You want to share these moments, and you want to show the world what you have seen, but what is the best way to do capture brilliant memories into utterly great pictures? For many, our go-to cameras are those in our smartphones, which resemble excellent pieces of technology, and it is both small and lightweight. The biggest con with smartphone photography is however that your battery won’t last and you will most definitely have nowhere to charge it.

The Canon G7 X Mark II

The light conditions in nature are mostly perfect for creating the most brilliant scenery, but not so much when trying to capture it in a perfect shot. Hence the 24-100 mm focal length of the Canon G7 X Mark II, in combination with its aperture with a max of f/1.8, is excellent. You will be able to catch the brilliant scenery even if the light ranges vary dramatically or you are in low-light conditions.

Built-in the compact body, you will find the ability to take both pictures on short-telephoto zoom and much longer wide-angle. Focusing speeds are high for capturing movement and image stabilization will assist with getting crystal clear shots even if you are shaking — a brilliant choice when searching for a little camera to take superior photos.

GoPro Hero 7

Actions, outdoors and GoPro became much like a close circle of friends, the one always supporting the other. Any list concerning outdoor cameras would be incomplete without having GoPro on there. The most significant critique which GoPro has to suffer is usually price, but if you are willing to pay that bit extra, you will receive a great product in return. Over the years, GoPro has made some significant changes and applied themselves to product improvement.

You won’t easily find another camera which provided you with a case willing to take the knocks of rocks and to fall, ready to shoot clearly underwater as deep as 30ft and still produce smooth and sharp images. Their HyperSmooth function has been extended to bringing you smooth footage even at shooting 60fps at full resolution — a brilliant choice for still or live footage.

Olympus TG 5, Tough Like You

This little camera delivers an array of modes and features all jam-packed into a tight little body. Brilliant for underwater footage. Post-editing is made possible by capturing RAW files to be able to deliver high-quality final images. The camera also allows for excellent macro photography, enabling you to capture brilliant definition and depth of field regardless of how close you are to your subject. An easy solution to developing great moments into great memories. Often these memories captured are what keeps the experience alive. Hence your camera is as essential as any other piece of equipment.