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Caving, a Global Adventure

The sport of exploring caves needs to be distinguished from the term potholing. Potholing refers to exploring only vertical caves and is only a subcategory of caving itself. Caving is also not speleology, which is referring to a scientific approach to the study and exploration of caves.


Caving is a great option for any adventure seeker. Although if you’re not comfortable in small, dark spaces then it is probably not for you. Cavers love to explore the beauty and unknown offered by the caves.


Starting off as a caver you probably don’t need much gear although a good and proper working flashlight is a must. This must preferably be a headlamp, definitely some water and a comfortable yet sturdy pair of shoes. Headlamps are a preferred choice as a light source for the practical reason that you have the much-needed light and still have both hands-free. Generally, those who explore caves prefer LED lights, and as a rule, always ensure they have backup lights in the case of an emergency. With the listed gear, you can easily explore some well-visited caves, and this is especially applicable to tourists with a keen interest in visiting a nearby cave.

For the more experience caver with some training completed and ready to explore the greater underground unknowns, gear is getting more important. A helmet can be vital to protect you against head injuries. The correct clothing is needed to protect your body against heat, which absorbs your sweat and protect against the abrasive territory inside the cave. When exploring caves which are known to be cold, proper waterproof clothing, fleece suits and polypropylene underwear is essential. In cases which are flooded, gearing up in complete scuba gear might be the best solution for you.

Proper Training Avoids Injury

For the tourist caver, no training is needed, and good physical health and a certain level of fitness are the only requirements. A rock-climbing course is, however, essential to get acquainted with climbing steep rock formations. It teaches you the art of working with ropes before you attempt any challenging caving and spelunking excursions.

You will also need to increase your strength, especially your upper body strength to be able to pull yourself up. Higher fitness levels and greater agility is also required. The better you are prepared, both with gear, physical levels of fitness and the correct mindset, the less are the chances of unfortunate injuries. Many caves are also situated in isolated areas, meaning that the journey to reach the cave might already be exhausting and challenging. Always ensure that you are hydrated and that you are consuming snacks which are high in nutrients and energy to be able to keep on performing at your peak.

Cave Diving

Some caves are underwater and to be able to explore these wonders of nature, you will need the proper scuba gear as well as complete training to be PADI certified. These agencies will also help you to prepare for your underwater caving excursions. Caving is an exciting and thrilling adventure sport but without proper preparation and the correct gear, it can be dangerous.