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Clothing Retailers Concerned by UK Lockdown

Retailors in the United Kingdom are facing dire outlooks as the pandemic continues to reap havoc on many UK stores. In an open letter sent to the government, the British Retail Consortium has stated that many smaller retailers may never reopen if the UK extends its lockdown. The letter was signed by retailers such as Dixons Carphone Warehouse, outdoor sport retailer JD Sports, M&S and sixty plus other retail executives.

The letter, which was sent to The Times stated that current losses for retailers over the four week lockdown have amounted to close to £2billion. The letter also included signatures from high street chains bosses such as Ann Summers, River Island, The Works and Card Factory.

Lockdown Extension could result in large scale bankruptcies

The letter warned that extending the lockdown beyond December 2nd could see many of the countries retailers closing. That will result in the loss of thousands of retail jobs that would have a substantial impact on government coffers, let alone the mental health of those impacted by closures.

In addition to the dire warning, the letter warned that toy supplies could be limited due to the demand in online orders. As many UK retailers have been shuttered for the last four week, many consumers are turning to the internet to purchase items in advance of the upcoming holidays. This includes toys, housewares and clothing.

The BBC last month urged consumers to organize and begin their holiday shopping early to avoid chaos should the lockdown be lifted. As retailers are limited in the number of people allowed in their stores at one time, shoppers could face substantial lineups during the busy holiday season.

As of the 15th, all retailers who are designated as non-essential will have to close their businesses until December 2nd. This is in response to efforts to fight the spread of the coronavirus as it enters its second wave. The one exception to the order is Marks & Spencer, who has confirmed that they have been given special permission to remain open during the U.K lockdown due to their providing an essential service.