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Coles Australia Launches Best Buys for Fathers Day

September 6th is the date of Father’s Day in Australia, and retailers have begun releasing sales for family selection. Coles Australia is one of the 1st to release their Best Buys Sale to consumers, with a broad range of decreased products focusing on outdoor activity. This follows after Australians have adopted the outdoors tenfold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Available products with the Coles Best Buys Sale includes Bluetooth headphones, boxing gloves, golf putting mats, outdoor projectors, and camping gear.

The Coles Company have priced these products to reasonable standards, understanding that financially challenging times have hit the average consumer. Australian influencers that focus on the retail industry are recommending that customers act quickly, with lower-cost products at Coles often selling out in a short timeframe. It should be mentioned that these sales are primarily available online, with a select number of physical locations in Australia open & supporting the stock volumes for Father’s Day 2020. The Coles Company cited the COVID-19 pandemic for their downfalls in recent months.

On-Sale Products

Fathers that spend their free time outdoors but also engage with podcasts, audiobooks, or music are in luck. Bluetooth headphones manufactured by Audeoo is selling for $35.00 per set, saving buyers $15.00. Equipped with this headset includes a built-in microphone, eight hours of battery, and FM radio. Don’t expect the quality of Audeoo headphones to resemble Beats by Dre or Sennheiser. Quality in sound, manufacturing, and comfort will be notably downgraded.

Fila Challenger Boxing Gloves are also being sold for a decreased price of $19.99 at Coles Australia. Mothers & Children can also purchase their husband/father with an influx of new tools. Hammers, Pliers, Flat Screwdrivers, Wire Cutters, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, and Nail Removers have been decreased to a price of $11.99. The most expensive item available for families to purchase their father/husband is an outdoor projection screen valued at $150.00.

The General Manager of Coles expressed that the Best Buys Sale takes into account the customers, what they value more during Father’s Day & other holidays throughout the year. Jonathon Torr noted that Coles worked tenfold to provide an outdoor-themed sale for fathers in 2020.