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Cos Unveils Activewear Line for Athletes

Cos, a high-end London clothing company, has launched its first line of clothing items for its Women’s Activewear division and will showcase as part of its 2020 offering. The collection includes fifteen items that are aptly named “Cos Active”. The collection, which was recently released is available online for purchase, and while Cos officially launched in 2007, the company states that all its clothing items, including those within its Cos Active line as made from sustainably sourced fabrics or recycled materials and sustainably sourced fabrics.

The collection includes sports bras, outerwear, seamless leggings, sweatproof t-shirts, tote bags and no-show socks. The head of women’s wear design at Cos, Nicole Bischofer stated while speaking of the collection that: “We’ve designed these pieces to be complementary to our collection. It’s something we want to offer customers alongside the women’s wear collection, as an extension of our already existing leisure collection. It’s important that we offer the complete wardrobe.”

The line was designed to be practical and includes a windbreaker that is chocolate brown and made using recycled polyester. The line also includes an organic cotton sweatshirt and leggings that are made using recycled nylon. The purpose of the line was to showcase the companies timeless designs and its continued commitment to producing sustainable methods during production.

In a company statement on Wednesday said: “Active is designed to shape to the wearer’s silhouette – the integration of fit, functionality and seamless detailing combine for ease of movement. Innovation is explored through hidden functionality; the sports bra uses quick-dry and compression fabrications to ensure easy, dynamic movement, while the wicking fabric of the t-shirt draws moisture away from the body. The bra can be worn as a set with the shorts or leggings. All are available in three modern colourways, always incorporating a ribbed structure for a stylish, elastic and active fit.”

About COS

As a brand Cos is designed for men and women who want clothing items that are functional and modern. The company is offering wardrobe essentials and reinvented classics that are designed to last that include new techniques and traditional methods that merge together. Since it launched in 2007, the company has opened stores throughout the world in locations that are carefully considered. They apply architectural design concepts meant to preserve the original features of the buildings that house their collection with the goal being to create a welcoming and modern environment.