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Essentials for Your Hiking Trip

Out in the wild, you need to be prepared for anything. Conditions can change quickly, and the unforeseen can easily become your reality, turning a trip of outdoor relaxation into a stressful event. The vital importance of ensuring that you have the needed essentials with you can’t be stressed enough. Thus a quick rundown of what experienced hikers consider as essential to find when you escape from the urban rush.

Proper Clothing

Dress in layers. Not just any layers, but layers with a purpose to ensure that you are protected and comfortable. Try to leave cotton out of the layers. When you are trapped in the cold, cotton is poor in providing isolation against the freezing temperatures, and when it is hot, it often traps your heat. Wool is considered to be much better since it is breathable and therefore help with the regulation of your body temperature. A t-shirt can always be worn on top.

A raincoat should always be in your backpack, just a lightweight coat that will keep you dry. A buff is another favourite multi-purpose garments, from keeping the dust out of your face, keeping sweat out of your eyes to providing some warmth for your neck. Boots and proper wool socks is another topic all in their own right.

Enough Food and Drinks

Without water, you are in trouble. Your body needs to be hydrated to be able to perform. Extra water or alternative ways to purify water is vital. Water bladders are a great way of carrying excess water with you if your backpack doesn’t have a water reservoir.

Food, which is high in nutrition, will keep your energy levels up. Always pack more than what you think you will consume. Your body burns more fuel when hiking and you have to have an emergency stock as well. Find some which are high in fibre and protein. Pick food which won’t get squished on the journey.


Sunscreen and sunglasses are vital. The bright light of the outdoors can place a strain on your eyes. Even when in snowy conditions, you might end up with snow blindness without sunglasses. Sunscreen goes without saying. A proper first aid kit stocked with all that is needed to treat from minor cuts and blisters to cramps. A first aid kit should also have a whistle for cases of emergency and keep a box of waterproof matches or a lighter in there.

Take proper navigation equipment with. Maps, compasses and a GPS can all assist you in finding your way again, bring you to help or water. Having a proper knife can also be invaluable to you. A knife or a multi-purpose tool can be used to perform repairs, cut strips of material for bandages or remove splinters.

Last, ziplock bags are super handy. You can pack them in a variety of sizes since they are lightweight. They can be used to keep things dry or separated and can even become a new water reservoir. With proper packing, your adventure in the outdoors can be an amazing one.