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Global Pandemic Stopping Citizens From Going Outside

Taking walks through the park or engaging in outdoor activities has become concerning for a large percentage of the worldwide population. This follows after the continued infectious spread of the novel coronavirus or Covid-19. Multiple world governments have implemented various closures, which extends to educational institutions and all businesses that don’t provide necessary services to continue global operations.

These cancellations have applied to nations like the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, China, Canada, Ireland, Bulgaria, India and countless others. The legislation being enforced regard travel restrictions and mass gatherings. Most nations are allowing anywhere from 25-100 citizens to be present in one location. The number is dependent on the countries respective rate of infections, with informative data being provided by the World Health Organization.

Sporting organizations like Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association have postponed their respective seasons in North America. Throughout Europe, this applies to notable organizations like the Premier League and Series A. It’s expected that additional sporting venues like the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics could be cancelled following an increased outbreak globally.

The Available Solutions

Global citizens were requested to implement self-isolation strategies to ensure the limited infectious spreading of COVID-19. We’ve provided detailed points on what our readers can do to ensure their protection and the safety of the general public. Read below.

  • Whenever engaging with the public, wash your hands every fifteen minutes with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap. Make sure to be wearing a protective mask at all times, while trying to stay several feet away from any strangers.
  • Self-quarantine yourselves within your respective residence to ensure limited exposure. Depending on the local outbreak, keep sanitation bottles and medical masks at the front door for any guests.
  • Request that work can be done from home or that protective gear can be worn for personal safety.
  • Stockpile on the requirements for survival on a two-week basis. This ensures that an unexpected outbreak can be avoided without the concern of limited supplies.

Those that follow these rules will have an 89.99% of not exposing themselves to the coronavirus. It should be mentioned that other factors, like pre-existing medical conditions, apply to your survival against the coronavirus.