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Mountain Hardwear Apparel Review

The leader in apparel and performance equipment for athletes, mountaineers and climbers, Mountain Hardwear, has announced that the company will be expanding its global reach with several partners throughout Europe. The new partnerships include Amwear, Tremmel Marketing, 2Pure and MNO International.

Annabel Heinemann, who is the Director of International Distributor Sales for Mountain Hardwear spoke on the new partnerships stating: “The value of having a trusted, experienced distribution partner is one that cannot be overstated. We are thrilled to have “MNO International, 2Pure, Tremmel Marketing and Amwear managing the Mountain Hardwear brand on our behalf in the European region.”

Based on Sweden, MNO International will be responsible for distribution through the Baltic and Nordic regions, while Scotland based, 2Pure will be responsible for Ireland and the United Kingdom. Tremmel Marketing, who is located in Germany, will act at Mountain Hardwear’s distributor in Austria and Germany, while France’s Amwear will look after distribution in Spain and France.

The new partnerships will give each of the aforementioned companies exclusive rights for distribution within their specific regions for the next five years. The majority of their responsibilities will most be focused on the Fall 21 sell-in and assisting customers with orders for the remaining 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Currently, Mountain Hardwear ships product to 28 countries and has partnership deals with 21 international distributors. Founded in 1993, the companies headquarters are located in Richmond, California and is part of the Columbia Sportswear Company. Columbia has a solid footprint with retailors and distributes its products throughout the U.S and 27 other countries.

The Mountain Hardwear Viv Kit

Mountain Hardwear has also announced the arrival of its latest product, the Viv™ Kit. It has been designed with the help of Vivian Bruchez, a steep skier who is sponsored by the company.

During the announcement, Vivian Bruchez stated: “The spirit of this kit is a mix between ski and alpinism with inspiration from snowboarding. It’s designed to climb and ski with the vision of Chamonix Mont-Blanc style: radical, vertical and technical.” The new kit is expected to be available for the upcoming season and is available on the companies website.