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National Guard Seen Outside the White House

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has announced that the National Guard has been withdrawn from Washington. They were initially called into the Capital City when protests regarding the death of George Floyd were seen at the white house. These protests extended towards the Black Lives Movement, prompting Donald Trump to enter the White House Bunker. This marks the 1st president in decades to demand entrance into this underground bunker. The last individual to join the shelter was Dick Cheyney during the 9/11 Attacks in New York City.

The District of Columbia governs over the capital of Washington, with Donald Trump “recommending” that they request the assistance of America’s National Guard. The US President made these recommendations after Washington Law Enforcement couldn’t manage the George Floyd Protests. When individual states & districts wouldn’t permit this request, Trump initiated a President Act that saw thousands of National Guard Troops descend onto American metropolises.

This included Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington. Trump would iterate after implementing this president act that when the looting starts, shootings will follow. This was referencing that National Guard Troops would fire upon their civilians if orders to disperse weren’t obeyed. This level of violence wasn’t required, with the overwhelming majority following the demands of National Guard Troops.

Washington Mayor Requests Withdraw

Donald Trump was forced into the decision of removing the National Guard, with the Mayor of Washington demanding that Troops be removed from her city. The president had to obey, with the decision to have the National Guard enter this region available exclusively to the governing leader of that district. Trump cannot supersede the Mayor under this request. What was seen next was thousands of Troops leaving Washington from various hotels.

Video evidence shows these individuals not obeying social distancing measures & supporting apparel that goes against the Black Lives Matter Movements. Caucasian National Guard Troops wearing offensive clothing were seen behind & in front of their African American counterparts. This shows the overwhelming racial tensions throughout the United States, with it extending towards their military. This wouldn’t be the 1st time that African Americans were considered less than Caucasian males in the American army, with this being historically reported countless times through WWII.