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Outdoor Apparel for Dogs

Clothing isn’t meant exclusively for humans, with apparel outfits extending towards animals. Canine & feline breeds sometimes don’t sustain the fur necessary for winter coats. For decades, it’s resulted in multiple companies releasing apparel outfits that’ll provide those animals with the warmth required for their daily adventures outside. Numerous companies compete for marketspace in this industry, with another competitor entering the stage.
Announcements regarding a new animal apparel company for canines was confirmed on November 25th. Harnesses & clothing for dogs are being released by K9Wear, a company launching days before holiday shopping extravaganza begins with Black Friday. Details regarding the individuals leading this canine apparel company were provided. Executives of K9-Wear are listed below:

  • Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, James Strigas.
  • Chief Operating Officer & Partner, Andy Carter.
  • Co-Founder & Partner, Mike Connolly.
  • Design Collaborator, Jeffrey Banks.
  • Design Director, Nicole Franklin.

Design Collaborator, Jeffrey Banks issued an official statement regarding the company’s official launch. Emphasis was provided that their clothing isn’t meant about fashion & making an animal look adorable. Designs are meant more for functionality, with outfits enabling canines to perform their regular movements without any limitations. Banks noted that nobody likes being inside uncomfortable outfits, with animals likely being the same.

Universal patents owned by K9Wear enable for comfortable apparel, with eight designs released for consumers to select. Testing phases for these designs indicated that canines were unaware of the clothing around them or weren’t disturbed by the apparel being worn. Details were also released regarding the “K9Wear Harness”, which took three years to the manufacturer. Banks claims these harnesses will provide owners with the confidence that animals won’t break free & remain comfortable on their daily walks. Individuals purchasing products from K9Wear are supporting American workers, with all clothing designed & manufactured in New York City.