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Some Extreme Outdoor Activities for Your Bucket List

Often the time spent in the outdoors is a period of calmness and tranquillity, yet the outdoors offers many opportunities for the adrenaline-seeking nature lover. Here are some of the best blood pumping, adrenaline-filled outdoor experiences for you to try.

Sleeping In the Air – Cliff Face Camping

If hanging in the air delivers a great night’s rest to you, then cliff face camping sounds like a brilliant solution. Spent your night in your tent which is suspended over the edge of a cliff. This means that your tent is hanging suspended in the air. Best would probably be not to try this alone and be sure no midnight bathrooms visits would be needed.

Volcano Boarding – for When Sand is Becoming Too Boring

For a thrill to remember, slide down an active volcano. This would mean that you first need to climb to the top, and then borders slide down the side of the volcano on a thin metal or plywood board. The most popular spot for this is currently in the western parts of Nicaragua on the slopes of Cerro Negro. Do be sure to wear the correct gear and eye protection is a definite must.

Finding Twister

Did the movie Twister inspire you to become a storm chaser? The good news is that this is not only a silver screen event. Living life on the edge is the life motto for many brave souls chasing tornados. The brilliant display which nature delivers can’t be matched, and the adrenaline is pumping to the max. Do note that if hurricanes aren’t around where you stay, storm chasers also chase many other natural phenomena. Tornados are only considered as the highlight of this kind of sport.

Reaching for the Sky with Bridge Climbing

A perfect way to get that addictive high by going to the extreme for urban city dwellers. You have probably driven a hundred times or more over the same bridge, but what about climbing it? A different perspective on the same views which you are used to is refreshing. Travel the world and climb some of the most famous ones. Sydney Harbour Bridge is on the top of the list for many.

Walking on Air – Wing Walking

Wing Walking is the dream of walking on air is becoming a breath-taking reality. Some might think that walking on the wings of a flying plane is risky, but for a particular group of daredevils, these kind of activities are their way of life. What used to be a stunt on the 1920’s silver screen developed into an extreme outdoor event.

There are so many ways to express yourself with extreme outdoor activities. These are only a list of the ones which are probably lesser-known, yet the list of options is long. From snowboarding to base jumping, bouldering, cliff jumping and windsurfing. The outdoors remains the favourite place for many to challenge themselves in the face of danger and excitement.