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Sports Most Popular in the World

At least of the population around the globe, according to estimation and surveys are soccer fans, followers or bettors, for some sports are a hobby, a way of keeping fit, while it is a career choice for top sportsmen and women. , and one of the sports highlights is the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games is where the best sports legends compete against each other. It is the top athletes from around the world’s meeting event. Sports are a multi-billion betting market.

There Are 450 Million Golf Fans Around The World

According to statistics, there are around 450 million golf fans globally, and its primary influence is in East Asia, Western Europe and North America. Golf is great for spending time outdoors in a manicured environment. The game is played with a white ball hit by different clubs, and the number of strokes is counted until the ball is in the hole. Golf was first performed in the highlands of Scotland and then became a big hit in the United Kingdom, from which it spread to the rest of the world.

Around 475 Million Fans Globally supports rugby.

When it comes to the top ten most popular sports, it might come as a big surprise that rugby is only in the eight positions. The international following is estimated at 475 million people, and the sport dates back to the middle ages. It is a strongly supported sport in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, which are also the most competitive countries in the world. Each team consists of fifteen players, and the game is played amongst two groups.

Cricket is the Second Most Popular Sport with 2.5 Billion Supporters

When it comes to the global following of cricket, this sports is the second most popular and 2.5 billion people follow, supports or participates in cricket. The games date back to the 16th century in England, and two teams play it, each unit is eleven players strong. Cricket is the sports most followed in countries in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and in India.

The Most Popular Sport Anywhere in the World is Soccer / Football Loved by 4 Billion Fans

Soccer or football is the number one sports in the world, and more than half the population either follows the sport or partake in some football or soccer play. There are no less than 4 billion fans around the globe, and the ancient form of soccer started in China. The first trace of the sport dates back to the second century. The classical style of football became hugely popular with the Japanese, Greeks and Romans. The more modern form of soccer started in the United Kingdom, and the interest in this high-action sport soon spread to all other countries worldwide. It continues to be the most supported sport, and it is also the sport most people place bets on.