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Staying Comfortable during Cold Conditions

When planning outdoor activities, it can be limited by weather conditions and seasons. There is no reason to stay locked up behind heaters and blankets when the weather turns out to be more towards the freezing side. With the correct preparations, the outdoors can still be a great place to relax and explore, even if the temperatures are freezing.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers is probably the simplest and most common way of staying warm while either participating or standing around appreciating the action delivered by others. Start from thin, comfortable layers at the bottom and work your way out with thicker and more resistant garments. Different thicknesses of shirts and sweaters will trap the body heat. Don’t forget your boots, mittens and hat. These are essential in cold conditions.

Warm Fluids for Internal Heat

Warm fluids are the best way to increase your body temperature from the inside. Coffee is often the number one choice, but any warm refreshment will assist in raising the body heat. Hence a flask with your preferred hot beverage is essential. Warmed up foods are also high, soup, chowder and stews can go a long way in providing that internal warmth.

Keep on Moving

Any movement will keep the blood pumping and increase your heart rate. This will result in raising your body’s temperature. Hence every time that you feel you can’t feel your fingers or toes anymore get up and get active.

Warming Equipment

There are specific devices developed to keep us warm while we are out and about in the cold. These include portable seat warmers, for example. If you find yourself regularly involved in some of these outdoor activities, then it might be worth your while to investigate these and find the best solution that works for you.

Stay Hydrated

Even though you might not sweat as much as when being active in warmer conditions, you are still losing fluids. Researchers have found that our thirst response is possibly suppressed in colder conditions and it might be easier to get dehydrated. Therefore, even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep on hydrating.

Protect Your Skin

Even if the sun isn’t out, we are still exposed to UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, it remains necessary to protect yourself from these with proper sunscreen. The level of damaged caused at higher altitudes should also be taken into consideration. Cold weather also dries out your skin, and this can be to such a degree that your skin becomes irritated and uncomfortable. Hence moisturize appropriately before entering the cold. Also, try to wear protective gear, which will keep the cold wind from your usually exposed parts, like the sensitive skin on your face. Covering your mouth as well for protection from cold winds can prevent an asthma attack instigated by severely cold winds.
Stay protected, stay safe and enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities while it is cold.