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Stepping Outside in Wolverhampton

Cities and neighbourhoods throughout the United Kingdom are becoming ghost towns with the Covid-19 pandemic. This extends to Wolverhampton, which was determined to be the nation’s most recent hotspot. Medical experts clarified that the infection rate in Wolverhampton is higher than anywhere else throughout London, England. There’s an average of eleven cases per 100+ thousand citizens. These are the second-highest figures seen for the United Kingdom in recent weeks, with a large percentage of deaths being recorded in this area. The number of deaths recorded in Wolverhampton is more significant than anywhere else in England.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that 1.5 million citizens in the United Kingdom are vulnerable to Covid-19. That’s why Boris Johnson implemented draconian law, with the Prime Minister doing everything in his power to ensure public safety. The death toll throughout England has reached 281, with bustling locations now being ghost zones. Shops, Cafes, Pubs and Entertainment Venues have all boarded up their windows. This was accomplished to ensure that nobody breaks or enters into their property. Those venturing outside in these areas have been seen wearing face masks, scarves and gloves to protect themselves.

The local press has interviewed individuals patrolling these locations for physical activity during the lockdown. This included Derek Lewis, a 55-year-old trader from Wolverhampton. He expressed that locals became incredibly frightened with the increased rate of infection. Tourism levels for weekend trips have depleted drastically, making this small city a ghost town. People are rightfully panicking for their safety, and it’s causing for the local market to make sustainable profits. Derrick Lewis noted that demands are challenging and that he’s finding it hard to compete with them.

Disease Hotspot

The West Midlands Neighbourhood in London, England has been designated as a Covid-19 Hotspot. It was expressed that the rural location of Wolverhampton in West Midlands saw a sudden hike in reported cases. This was prompted after religious enthusiasts refused to believe they’d be affected by Covid-19, that God or Allah wouldn’t take their lives. They refused to engage with sanitation efforts, which promoted 107+ people to contract Covid-19. It’s been confirmed that Wolverhampton accounts for 16% of England’s death total.