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Trump Supporters Battle BLM Protesters

The President of the United States has some of the worst political supporters of the last hundred years. This was proven during 2016, with history repeating itself during the Black Lives Matter Movement. Supporters for Donald Trump had targeted the LGBTQ Community during 2016 & are now targeting African American Civilians. Their stance on the BLM Movement was shown on June 20th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trump took the stage for his 1st campaign rally after lifting restrictions of COVID-19. Donald ignored continued warnings from public health experts, including his principal advisor, Doctor Anthony Fauci. It’s suspected that a large percentage of constitutions supporting Trump will contract the novel coronavirus after participating in this campaign rally.

The campaign rally saw African American, Caucasian, and Latin American Civilians protesters working against Donald Trump. It created formidable anger amongst his constitutions, prompting these “Make America Great Again” fanatics to engage with protests in violent manners. Reports indicated that protesters were blocking downtown streets & forcing Trump Constitutions to be delayed while returning home. Trump Supporters didn’t engage with protesters until they purposely chanted ignorant sentiments against their beliefs & blocked off the downtown area of Tulsa.

Hours later armed men were seen following protesters, prompting concerns that shots would be fired upon these American civilians. Shots weren’t ever taken by these armed men. However, they would pepper spray protesters when they continued to block downtown intersections. These armed men were also seen assisting law enforcement with helping a National Guard Bus return to its caravan. Pepper Balls & Rubber Bullets were shot at protests after they engaged the National Guard.

Trump Breaks His Legislation

The President of the United States isn’t allowing for significant sporting events, entertainment venues, or tourist destinations to resume their operations. That’s because of cited concerns over a coronavirus outbreak. Those concerns have been negated by Donald Trump when reviewing his campaign for a second term as President. Health experts are petrified about how many Americans in Oklahoma & states nearby will contract COVID-19. Considering that nineteen thousand Trump Supporters were seen inside the BOK Tulsa Centre, a minimum of 20% will contract the virus.