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Violence Increasing Worldwide in Outdoor Environments

Mental illness has become a significant issue amid our modern society, with that becoming evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments worldwide have begun lifting their restriction measures on social distancing & allowed the business to resume a new standard of operations. Locations known for serving alcohol have seen an incredible rise of violence amidst their customers, showing that remaining indoors for three months can have detrimental effects of mindsets.

The violence being showed outside in Great Britain, Scotland, and the United States is inexcusable. Nobody should be permitted the right to commit heinous acts of violence because their feeling imprisons within their own home. Another violent act was seen in Glasgow, Scotland. One man was stabbed with fatal founds at the Premier Inn Bar. Emergency services arrived shortly after the stabbing, with the neighbourhood sectioned off by law enforcement.

Law enforcement remarked that this was a targeted attack & didn’t relate to numerous other stabbings seen last week. It should be mentioned that on June 26th there was a man who injured six Irish Civilians, including one Law Enforcer. The criminal wasn’t provided with the opportunity to be apprehended & would ultimately be shot dead by law enforcement. Nobody has gone against the decision of Glasgow Police, with “Shots Fired” being reasonable with local civilian life in jeopardy.

Glasgow Police PR Agents remarked that law enforcement remains on scene, ensuring that there aren’t any other attacks targeted towards this region. This follows after information provided to law enforcement indicated that multiple other attacks would follow. Some have questioned if the June 26th and 27th stabbing relate to the current political climate, with Argyle Street being one of the most traversed locations in Scotland.

Violence in America

The United Kingdom isn’t the independent entity feeling the effects of international violence. America also faces an onslaught of Shootings, Stabbings, and Murders. This was proven again at the Avery Nightclub in San Jose. One man was wounded after engaging in various arguments & altercations with the club owner. These altercations included trying to run over the Avery Nightclub owner with his vehicle. The unidentified man is one of the numerous stories throughout America that indicate systemic racism is growing tenfold.