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Violence Outside Texas Bar

Experts have noticed an increase in violent altercations in the United States of America. This follows after multiple states have begun lifting their coronavirus restrictions. Violent civilians are taking prolonged frustrations out an unexpected incidents. This was proven again in San Antonio, Texas. Law enforcement announced that an armed civilian shot & wounded eight individuals, while seriously injuring another to death. The gunman fled the scene, with Texas Law Enforcement requesting that anyone with information of this crime provide details over their anonymous hotline number.

Four individuals were partied with the gunman. None of them made an effort to stop their friend & fled the scene with him. This altercation happened at Rebar, a nightclub in Texas that has DJ Performances and Live Music. On-Site Staff informed reporters that the shooter was denied entry for being highly intoxicated & poising as a threat to other guests. This angered the gunman, where he’d than claim to be employed under the UFC Roster.

With this individual’s identity not being known, law enforcement are now reviewing video evidence from street cameras nearby to obtain photographic evidence. Identifying a UFC Fighter through this investigation would publicly destroy the image of this MMA sport. Dana White has mocked the concept this violent crime was ensued by an employed fighter under his roster & switched the top towards individuals in Las Vegas that copy his look. No apologies were issued towards the families affected by this shooting, which should’ve been immediate.

Victims Injuries

Five woman & three men were victimized from this event, with their ages varying between 23 to 41. Law enforcement haven’t provided details on their injuries, merely noting they’re in stable condition at the San Antonio Hospital. It should be mentioned that one individual didn’t survive long enough to reach medical treatment, dying steps away from the Rebar Entrance. It’s expected that a memorial service for this unnamed Texan will be held at this nightclub, with family members provided free entrance & access to services. This is the proper response to a violent shooting, not what Dana White displayed during an interview less than 24 hours later.

Captain McManus from the San Antonio Police Department clarified that there aren’t any safety concerns regarding the neighborhood. It’s expected that the assailant has left the San Antonio International Airport Region, with Rebar Nightclub located two miles from the aviation facility.