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Wear Face Masks While Outside

The Centre of Disease Control & the Trump Administration has altered its safety protocols for American citizens. They’re now recommending that all US Citizens wear some form of protection for their face when engaging with a grocery store, pharmacy or medical appointment. Guidance measures have been updated through the CGA, with these being implemented until April 30th. Those not following the guidance measures could find themselves being arrested or charged by local law enforcement.

President Donald Trump was present during the April 4th news briefing. He information that experts within the administration determined that updated general recommendations must be imposed. This follows after the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention recommended that symptomatic citizens are required to wear face protection. This allowed the N95 Mask to be rationed towards healthcare professions.

The Turf War

The White House and Centre of Disease Control have continually battled between what should be done about COVID-19. Donald Trump doesn’t believe that the level of deaths associated with the novel coronavirus is concerning. However, CDC Leaders have thought otherwise and claimed that the minimum death count throughout America would be 200+ thousand.

Representatives with the CDC have demanded the public wear these masks, while Donald Trump has claimed it’s a recommendation and voluntary to Americans. Trump finalized the press conference by expressing he won’t be wearing a mask, with Donald believing he can’t catch COVID-19.

CDC Information

The CDCs Director has spoken in recent days with a variety of news outlets. He expressed that the virus is already changing and that things will become considerably worse before getting better. Robert Redfield has testified to American’s that their best chance of survival is staying home and wearing masks or protective gear while leaving the house. This can include Scarves or Bandanas.

It should be noted that Food Experts are also claiming that supply shortages will ensure by May 1st. Those believing that the COVID-19 pandemic would be over by Mid-April were incorrect. Some insiders with the CDC claim that this worldwide pandemic will sustain itself for 24 Months. This would be the most widespread infection in history since the Spanish Flu during World War One.