Benefits of Compression Socks & Foot Sleeves for Athletes

Known as Edema, fluid and water retention in legs are caused by an abnormal accumulation of fluids or water in the tissues of the body. Excess liquid can be accumulated and stored anywhere in the body, although the most common areas are the legs and ankles. The swelling suffered are typically caused by fluid accumulation, and it can create several severe medical conditions.

Fluid Retention Symptoms in Legs

It is pretty obvious to spot Edema. There are some dominant signs shortness of breath, swollen limb and abdominal bloating. You can also have a puffy face, muscle pain and dimples remaining in the skin when it is pressed. Edema is caused by conditions that include a sudden increase in physical labour, too low or high blood pressure and poor circulation. Side effects of medications can consist of injury or pain from standing or sitting for long periods.

How Athletes Treat Fluid Retention

It is quite common to see runners wearing compression sleeves or socks as they set off for road races. Most people take it for granted that the socks are worn to prevent cramps or shin splints. Compression socks keep the blood flowing and the more oxygenated blood the cells have, the better they function during all sports activities or exercises. The bonus produces lactic acid during training or physical sports. If this waste product is not removed from the muscles, it causes a decrease in the ability to perform, soreness of the muscles as well as muscle fatigue.

What are the best Compression Socks or Compression Sleeves?

There is no straight answer as the choice depends on several things. If you’re an athlete treating or protecting a previous injury to your ankle, arch or lower Achilles tendon. Then the sock is the best as it covers the area that is injured the best. If the injury is higher up on the leg a sleeve is a perfect option. The type of sock is another factor to take into consideration, and if you plan to wear the compression product with your favourite running shoes, the sleeve is better.

Compression Sleeve and Sock Technology

The main reason why most sports stars and athletes invest in a pair of compression sleeves or socks is the protection it offers to the legs and feet. It can also protect hikers’ feet from scratches as well as poison ivy on outdoor trails. The technology used to make compression socks or sleeves are proven to limit all swelling. If you know, you’ll be on your feet all day it is best to wear either sleeves or socks. When you are running or partake in any sport during winter, the compression socks also offers an additional layer of heat, which makes you more comfortable. The main thing is to make sure the compression sock fits perfectly, or the use of either sleeves or socks will not offer the benefits they supposed to.