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Evangelical Worshipers Disobey California’s Coronavirus Protocols

The United States of America has become a nation of fundamentally different opinions, with half the population understanding health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The other side of America believes coronavirus is a hoax, refusing to wear masks, and often getting into violent altercations in defence of their “Freedom”. This has been seen nationwide, with the latest nerving headline regarding Anti-Maskers coming from California.

Travellers in the region of Huntington Beach located outdoor electronic road signs, informing Catholic & Christian worshipers that services had been cancelled following increased infections. This didn’t stop an Evangelical Church from entering Huntington Beach, disobeying protocols, and holding a service for a 4th Friday back-to-back. It’s estimated that 1800 Florida Civilians attended the July 22nd Prayer Service, which included musical performances & baptisms with newborn children.

Minister Sean Feucht held the Prayer Service at Huntington Beach, located underneath the Sundial Bridge of Redding. Worshipping towards god in an outdoor environment continued until the early-morning hours. This Minister & Musician requested that attendees bring masks, while also social distancing at two metres. Video evidence shows that Evangelical worshipers weren’t obeying the requests of Sean Feucht, with hardly anyone wearing face masks & everyone packed into condensed crowds. Babies & children were seen amongst those maintaining symptoms of COVID-19, with their parents claiming that God wouldn’t allow them to contract the virus in the outdoor light of his presence.

Outdoor Activities Limited in California

Ignorant mentalities towards the coronavirus have forced outdoor adventurers into awkward situations. Where it was once permissible months ago to travel a walking trail, there are now concerns that hateful Americans will break social distancing protocols & attack outdoor travellers for merely wearing protective face masks. The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, plans to terminate all future services with the assistance of law enforcement. He’ll not tolerate civilians obeying social distancing protocols from attending stunning walking trails like Huntington Beach. Those found disobeying social distancing measures could find themselves being fined upwards of $1,000.00.

The Governor of Florida will have to enforce protocols on a National Guard level to maintain his promise. Those that aren’t considered worshipers of god have still disobeyed social distancing protocols, with hundreds of thousands being seen on the beach simultaneously. Florida stands as the epidemic zone of our world for COVID-19 cases.