The Most Versatile Jacket

Adventurers are always shopping for the latest gear, whether it is safety equipment, boots or protective clothing. One of the most versatile clothing items to enter the market is the new 686 reservoir hydration jacket, fitted with a hydrastash the jackpot enables outdoor explorers to carry their water with them wherever they go. With the innovative way to store water around your chest, the jacket even allows you to take a sip or two, while you ski.

Taking Water on Your Outdoor Adventure

For the longest time you had quite limited options when it comes to staying hydrated, you could take water with you in a bottle, or you could go with a hydration backpack. Both these options are additional gear you had to either remember to strap to your back or place in your pocket. Another option is now added via the 686 Reservoir hydration jacket, and the third option is as innovative as sportswear gets. With the reservoir hydration jacket, you have access to a built-in or all in one hydration pack, which allows you to wear your water supply as part of your garment.

The launch of the 686 Reservoir Hydration Jacket

The 686 Reservoir hydration jacket recently launched, and the technology it uses is called Hydrastash, which is a system that allows the weight of the water to be carried in such a way that it could not possibly throw snowboarders or skiers of their balance. The weight of the water is all part of the jacket, and no additional bottle or backpack is needed since the jackpot is an all in one solution. The jacket can distribute up to a maximum of 25 oz of water around the internal skirt, allowing the liquid to wrap around the wearer’s body and the centre of gravity.

Price of the 686 GLCR Hydrastash Men’s Reservoir Insulated Jacket

Due to the high flow rate of the Reservoir jacket, wearers can take a sip of water while sitting on a chairlift or while riding, since the valve system is placed next to the jacket’s zipper right up to the collar to ensure easy access. The valve is self-sealing and only opens under stress, which is a system in place to prevent leaks. The 686 GLCR Hydrastash Reservoir jacket is available at $350.00 and massively praised for its anti-microbial water system that includes stretch suspension straps, which ensure the jacket remains close to your body to ensure balance, while it also allows suspension of the reservoir to make the load feel much lighter.

The benefits of the Hydrastash Men’s Reservoir Insulated Jacket also include that it can be filled with water without removing the jacket, while cleaning is easy, and the jacket is made of durable materials that guarantee long wear and maximum usage in any cold condition. The new 686 Reservoir jacket provides outdoor adventurers with the freedom to enjoy their activities in the most convenient way possible.