Greatest Outdoor Adventures in the World

An outdoor adventure does not need to involve walking the length of the Nile or climbing Mount Everest. Experience should be about doing something exciting, something new and staying active and if it includes something daring it might just get the adrenalin pumping. If you someone who likes to travel across the world and return with great things to share, the next outdoor ventures could be just what you need. The most enjoyable adventure on earth includes bear hunting in Spain, Greeting the Rwanda gorillas, strolling with a Japanese samurai, enjoying a wild walk in Namibia, or pedalling the Pacific.

Spain’s Bear Hunting

The Spanish Pyrenees offers an authentic wildlife adventure that is unexpectedly amazing; it is the place where brown bears forage. There are no hides or feeding stations for brown bears, which is the main reason why adventure creators designed a new trip right here. Visitors get to climb to a very remote camp and then go tracking with experienced guides. Expert guides monitor the bears daily and then offers visitors the best chances of a wild sighting. Signing up for such a trip include almost all meals and accommodation is taken care off.

Gorilla Greeting in Rwanda

Since 2017, Rwanda doubled the price of the permits for gorilla-tracking and at the same time the high-end accommodation when up as much to match the price increase. A trip to Rwanda booked via travel agents mostly includes housing and a guided tour to Volcanoes National Park. The tour remains well worth it, and it offers you the opportunity to track chimpanzees and trek with gorillas in true Nyungwe style.

Meeting Samurai in Japan

The 2019 Rugby World Cup placed all sports fans eyes on Japan, and it is clear that the country might be the least explored. Especially the lower populated areas. Booking an adventure to the state includes a walk in the new San’in Quest. Exploring the western Honshu which is legend-laced trails that are gentle and leading through rural areas to the valley called Takadono an ancient source of the steel used for the swords of samurais.

Walking Wild in Namibia

If your mind is set on visiting Africa one of the most beautiful and newest walking trails is the Etendeka multi-day hiking trail that leads through Grootberg. This mount leads to the most untouched wilderness of Namibia. This hiking trip includes sleeping under the dark African skies, enjoying for the wildlife and climbing Crystal Mountain to enjoy desert-adapted wildlife. Apart from the flight, such a trip would require rental of a 4×4, accommodation and meals and the best time in February to December. The essential items to take is a camera, sunscreen and comfortable clothes including great walking shoes or boots. Due to the African sun, a good pair of sunglasses and a hat is highly recommended. Booking via a travel agency you are looking at 13-day wildlife and walking trip that will leave you with great memories.