Go! Share Your Adventure Like A Pro

If you love adventure and want the best way to record and share it, look no further since the GoPro Hero7 Black is the best GoPro and by far the most advanced yet. The GoPro’s new intelligent mode ensures that every photo offers the most brilliant images possible, automatically. The Hero7 Black is waterproof and battle-tested without its housing which ensures it offers the easiest way possible for sharing your weekend or day adventure with those at home or other adventure enthusiasts around the globe.

Go Share Your Adventure Life

The GoPro app and live streaming guarantees quality sharing of every moment you decide to be live, while the Hero7 Black takes your videos and photos to a whole new GoPro performance level. You get to stream your video recording directly to YouTube, Facebook Live or several platforms by utilizing RTMP URL. You will need a YouTube account or Facebook app as well as account

An account and app are required for Instagram. Touch zoom can be used for selecting video modes and photos only Automatically transfer of photos once your camera is connected to the GoPro app. Time-lapse videos, videos and single photos can be transferred automatically, while burst photos need to be manually transferred and GPS performance stickers will be added to your videos only when GPS is enabled in the GoPro app.

Go Pro on All Your Movements

The HyperSmooth video stabilisation not only records your movements but on the HERO7 Black, it also predicts every movement and then corrects the shake of the camera to provide fabulously smooth footage. The HERO7 Black is waterproof and rugged without its casing up to 10m making it perfect for any outdoor adventure and voice commands on the HERO7 Black offer you the chance to focus on your outdoor activities as no hands, are required to start recording on GoPro or taking photos on GoPro – only your voice.

The HERO7 Black’s SuperPhoto intelligently applies HDR noise reduction or local tone mapping to optimize every single shot. Shoot sensational 12 MP photos and sensational 4k60 videos with your HERO7 Black are truly as amazing as the moment and the adventure themselves. Both videos and photos can be captured in portrait orientation and the photo times ensure you get to grab a group shot or even a selfie whenever the background is special. You simply shoot and go directly to share when your photos or videos transfer via the GoPro app to your smartphone or other device enabling posting on Instagram, Snapchat, text or Tweet.

You also can GPS your video and add performance stickers to show just how far, fast or high you went during the action. Why wait when you can share your adventure live via video streaming on Facebook Live, plus streamed videos get saved in high resolution to your SD card. Capture your life or your latest adventure in the most creative way with more than 30 accessories that are compatible to ensure you get the most unique perspectives on your sport or outdoor adventure.