Best Socks for Hiking

What makes a huge difference during hiking is the right socks, both men and women enjoying hiking form the Southwestern USA to the North Seas of Iceland all agree that your socks, can either make or break your experience. Keeping your feet happy is most important apart from your boots.

Finding the Best Hiking Socks

After extreme testing over more than 1,000 miles, a group of keen hikers/testers have recently released their findings regarding several types of hiking socks. Darn Tough is a sock created to provide the hiker with comfort, warmth and breathability and it is most recommended for hikers who desire a sock that can dry quickly. After extensive testing, the sock held up across hundreds of miles, which means the lifetime guarantee is worth its name. The Darn Tough socks were the favourite of most testers due to their breathability and the airflow offered via its different panels, while the tight-knit fabric was found to be less breathable when measured against synthetic-wool blends. What does count in favour of the Darn Tough socks is how quickly it dries, and it is perfect for most trail conditions.

The best sock for women is the Smartwool medium crew due to its cushioning and unbeatable warmth. These consists of 33% nylon, 66% merino wool and 1% elastin, which offers hikers a looser yet extremely comfortable fit with narrowing in the heel. The Smartwool sock was also found to insulates well, and it is a great option for three of the seasons. This is not the best option for very hot conditions due to the high percentage of merino wool, although it is perfect if you need warmth during cold nights or winter hiking.

Socks Voted Best by Expert Hikers

Experienced hikers who have hiked in most conditions and have done hiking in all parts of the world, found that the following socks are the best and recommend that both female and male hikers should give it a try. The best sock when it comes to versatility is the Darn Tough offering a full cushion, it is recommended for all hikers, including both male and females. It is perfect for most conditions and a great option for the all-around hiker. The best sock for female hikers is the Smartwool Hike Medium Cushion and if it is recommended that hikers choose the ankle-length. Another brilliant sock is the unisex People’s merino sock that comes in a full-length version.

At the end of the day, each hiker has a personal preference when it comes to fit and sock length, while some prefer looser fits, others prefer a tighter more supportive fit. The durability of socks is most important, while flexibility, breathability and the lifetime of the sock is what counts most, once you decide to invest in a new pair of hiking socks. Experts also feel that the shoe the hiker selects could have an impact on the sock choice, most importantly keep your feet happy and you can enjoy so much more hiking.