Extreme Sports Betting

If Extreme sports are not the perfect thing you’d like to do once you have time off over the weekend, there are some less dangerous ways to keep track of what is happening in the sport. One of those is to participate via sports betting.

Most punters like to place sports bets on sports events such as horse racing, boxing, F1 Racing, or football. However, there are many other options, and one of the betting areas that constantly expands is the wagering options on extreme sports. These include betting options on sports such as surfing or alpine skiing, and numerous bookmakers facilitate betting on a whole new host of different sports events.

It is only a matter of time before all bookmakers would offer wagering on extreme sports as for now the bookmakers that do offer extreme sports betting are a bit limited. As with any other sports, to wager on an extreme sport, you need to know as much as possible about the sport and the participants.

Betting on Skiing

Bookmakers that do cater to extreme sports cover events such as the WSL World Surf League Championship and offers odds of 1/7 on John John Florence. He is currently in the lead while 5/1 odds is offered on Gabriel Medina. Owen Wright and Matt Wilkinson are long-shot bets, and the odds are much higher at 90/1.

Betting on Ski Jumping

Another popular extreme sport entering the sports betting scene is sky jumping and the events covered by bookies includes the Ski Jumping World Cup that normally takes place in November. The betting options include predicting the world champion, and some of the participants most favoured are Peter Prevc and Stefan Kraft with odds of around 2/1 or 4/1. Yet if you’re a keen follower of the sport, you might have some of the other participants in mind to win, and the betting odds could be much higher.

Betting on Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing is yet another extreme sport that is gaining popularity in the world of sports betting, and quite a few bookmakers do accept bets on this sport. Betting options include both the men and women championships. Some of the favourites include Martin Fourcade with betting odds of around 1/5 in the World Cup for men and Laura Dahlmeier is one of the frontrunners in the World Cup for women with odds of 8/11.

Cross Country Skiing Betting

Betting options on Cross Country skiing include the FIS Tour de Ski, which is the most prestigious competition, and some of the favourites are Heidi Wang with odds of 8/11 and Martin Johnsrud Sundby 13/8, although the odds can differ from one bookmaker to the next.

The exciting news for sports enthusiasts is that the betting variety on sports is constantly increasing and with the addition of extreme sports fans finally get to wager on a variety of truly interesting sports events. With both controversial and non-controversial sports betting available, sports devotees have a huge variety of betting options and can bet on basically anything from MMA to Football, Rugby to Skiing or even politics and other entertainment events.