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BLM Mural Outside Trump Tower Vandalized

President Donald Trump commissioned a mural to be painted in front of his New York City tower, with it reading “Black Lives Matter”. This prompted immediate backlash with Trump having direct ties to racism & somewhat commissioning the mural in condescendence of its actual meaning. Those against a BLM Mural from Donald Trump have targeted the location with vandalism, with a 3rd act occurring in less than several days.

Two women were arrested after being filmed & photographed dumping black paint onto the BLM Mural. New York City Police Officers took less than two minutes to arrive on the scene, where this two-woman resisted law enforcement during their arrest. This incident occurred mid-afternoon at 3 P.M. on July 18th. The Trump Tower on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue will receive its 4th BLM Mural by the upcoming Monday, which officers will guard consistently to avoid another act of vandalism.

Video evidence from a local bystander witnessed officers surrounding this woman, informing her to stop committing her illegal act. This woman continued to smear black paint across the yellow letters seen with the BLM Mural. She was screaming “Refund the Police” and “They Don’t Care About Black Lives”, showing that this woman most likely had mental disabilities. The two political movements the unidentified female uttered don’t coincide with one another. It should be clarified that an office slipped on the paint & sustained minor injuries, with NYPD following insurance protocols and placing this officer into Bellevue Hospital for a general check-up.

An Untimely Incident in NYC

NYPD’s Spokesperson refused to provide details on this woman’s identity & details on her arrest. The representative instead focused sentiments towards the fact that two acts of vandalism occurred in 24 Hours. Law enforcement hasn’t concentrated on piracy after an innocent young child at one year of age was shot died by an unidentified male assailant. New York City PD & its civilians are looking for the shooter to have him brought to justice immediately. The initial suspect has been arrested on another charge of murder, with law enforcement believing this man is connected with the shooter of Davell Gardner. It’s suspected that the killing was racially motivated.

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