Most Unusual Desert Cave Casino

Spending time outdoors takes on a whole new form when it comes to casinos and the most unusual can be found in Australia and it is called the Desert Cave Hotel. This is what remote gambling is all about, and those lucky enough to have visited the casino agrees that it is the ultimate in remote gambling.

Australia Offers the Ultimate in Remote Casino Gaming

The Desert Cave Hotel is located in Coober Pedy and offers what can be described as an incredibly beautiful gambling experience. The hotel features a casino space that is carved out of the desert and visitors can look forward to more than fifteen poker machines as well as several other casino games. The hotel-casino is located around 800 kilometres from Adelaide and offers full-service accommodation. Facilities at the Desert Cave includes free NBB WI-FI, a pool, café, bar, restaurant, tours of Coober Pedy and transfers to and from the Ghan airport.

Desert Cave Hotel the Dream Becomes Reality

The Desert Cave Hotel lures those who seek something different and the elusive opal found in the outback semi-desert. Local live in underground homes controlled by the natural temperature of the earth. It is one area where visitors are fascinated by the underground living of the locals. Umberto Coro realised in 1981 that it would be a dream come true to share this extraordinary experience with everyone else. Being involved with the town’s mining for over 26 years, his vision became a reality. After been killed in an accident in 1984, Robert his son continued the work started by his father.

Desert Cave Living Offered via 50 Suites

Severe dust storms, extreme heat and mini-cyclones made the work challenging, and opal mining machinery was bought from the opal fields. Most of the building materials come from Adelaide and with local rock used as feature stonework, the beauty of the underground buildings amazes visitors. You have a choice of staying underground or above ground, although the underground sleeping experience is pretty unique. The rooms with high ceilings are spacious, calm, quiet, dark and airy. It is the best sleep most visitors have ever had in their life. Currently, the hotel features 50 suites, which also includes the 19 underground suites.

Enjoy a VIP Casino Experience at Desert Cave

Apart from many tours and packages that include a few nights stay and meals as well as exploring the opal mines, enjoying desert views or the Alice Springs. Desert Cave also rolls out the red carpet for VIPs and high rollers. A casino host is assigned to VIP guests who also stand a chance to enjoy excellent quality VIP offers. The VIP membership is free, and comps could include buffet coupons, great hotel deals and free slot play. It is indeed the one outdoorsy underground adventure that the whole family can and will enjoy so if you love gaming and the great outdoors at the same time, head to Australia and book an underground room to enjoy the complete cave experience.