Volcom Outwear 2019

Volcom combines high-end Gore-Tex shell with an innovative thermal defence system, and the result is a strikingly compelling jacket. With TDS placed strategically to ensure excellent insulation that is taped to the outer shell, the coat is remarkably lightweight. The straightforward packable jacket provides the wearer with a 3-layer Gore-Tex shell as well as several other benefits. The down insulation is one of the main advantages while other remarkable perks include a drop tail fit, wrist gaiters and a facemask. Designed for anyone needing the perfect jacket during the winter, the coat is more than perfect, and the starting price is $594,00.

Perfect Outdoor Jacket for The Mountains

According to the Technical and Design Specs by Volcom, the critical features of the outerwear jacket includes the following: a unique number of differently sized pockets strategically placed to keep all essentials well within reach. The Recco technology used in the coat provided ski patrol with what they need to locate skiers, and the mesh-lined vents help with dumping excess heat. The hood protects against the wind, and the duck down insulation keeps you warm and happy, while outside in the cold. What keeps users warm and dry is the 3L Gore-Tex membrane, while the jacket is super comfortable and brilliant to wear in all winter conditions.

Volcom’s Rain Gore-Tex Bib Overalls Keeps You Happy & Dry During Cold Rainy Days

The Rain Gore-Tex Bib by Volcom is a two-layer that offers wearers all they need for a day on the mountain. These are designed to provide heat and keep the individual warm. The Volcom bibs are famed for keeping you comfy no matter the snowfall via its loose fit. Rain bibs also offer a guide articulated fit; this was designed in association with Baldface guides. The pockets are one of the main benefits and provide plenty of space to keep phones safe, or grabbing some snacks. The vents part of the design ensures the skin is kept dry and to prevent an overheated feel. On both the jacket and the overalls the zip tech feature is useful for snow, while wearers also point out how comfortable the clothes are.

Swift Bib Overall by Volcom

Again, loved for their comfort the Swift bib overalls by Volcom is made from a stretchable fabric that ensures a comfortable fit all day long, regardless of the activity. Repreve fabric is used for the swift bib, and the fibres are crafted from 95% or higher post-consumer and post-industrial waste. The two-layer shell used by Volcom ensures that the snow remains on the outside while the warmth stays where it is needed most. The Swift Bib overall also features the unique zip technology, used in most clothing for freezing outdoor conditions. The zips play an all-important role in keeping all the elements out; this includes rain, water and snow. The variety of colours to choose from is another great plus since it makes wearing these jackets even more fun.