Furoshiki Vibram Running

Vibram is back and whether you love these or prefer to stay away from the new wrap over makes it simply impossible to ignore the benefits of Vibram. Thousands of runners and other barefoot enthusiasts love Vibram, especially the FiveFinger version and now Masaya Hashimoto have taken this unisex favourite one step further.

Vibram – Masaya Hashimoto Style

The immediate benefits of the new wrap over Vibram’s by Hashimoto are that there is absolutely no movement restriction on the athletes or wearers foot. The shoes are extremely light, phenomenally compact and exceptionally easy to maintain.
The warp around shoes are based on a concept first discovered and actually based on packaging warp by the Japanese. The concept is used to create the same ease of use, and the foot feels absolutely no pressure. The Furoshiki Vibram or wrap around can be rolled up into itself and are super easy to carry around.

Why Everyone Needs Furoshiki Vibram Wrap Around’s

The sole of the new Furoshiki shoes are around 5 mm thick and while some think it is magical others question the protection it offers. Any athlete that has made the transition to barefoot shoots already will know the benefits to your legs and feet. It is all about natural movement no restriction and enjoying walking or running the way we meant to. The Furoshiki is created to offer incomparable comfort. It is actually a small stretch blanket that hugs the athlete’s foot, and almost everyone that tries on a pair never takes them off again.

The Furoshiki fold overshoes are available as a normal shoe or as a FiveFinger. Athletes use to the feel of barefoot running do love these, although it does take a bit of getting used to. Athletes caution that anyone not used to barefoot shoes should make a slow transition. This is due to the fold-overs not offering any support and completely movement-restriction free.

Hammocks for Feet

The Furoshiki shoes are available in a whole range of different sizes starting from extra small up to extra-large. Described by most as rubbery cloths that you can wrap around your feet during running, the Furoshiki Vibrams are simply amazing. That has seen thousands of runners investing in a pair or two (they are colour coded).

Making the Shift from Supportive Running Shoes to Furoshiki’s

Runner’s do feel you get a lot more grip with the FiveFinger version of Furoshiki shoes, although the runners interviewed where already comfortable in FiveFinger Vibram’s. For runners who wish to make the switch to a wraparound Furoshiki, the transition should be slow. The FiveFinger running shoes can be uncomfortable at the beginning. The most challenging to get used to is the separate compartments for each toe. This is due to the normal Furoshiki shoes offering much less or actually no support, not for the toe area and also not for the ankle section. It should first be worn over shorter distances to ensure the athlete is both comfortable with the no-support as well as used to the wrapping around the foot.