Self-Tinting Lenses Modernised for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Everyone knows the importance of protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, yet most of us often forget to switch glasses when we go outside and realises too late that our sunglasses are left behind. Thankfully your next pair of glasses could multitask, and you’d have all the protection you need without ever changing your glasses, whether you’re inside or out.

Self-Tinging Lenses the Answer to Every Outdoor Enthusiasts Dream

Whether you love playing tennis, running, table tennis or simply enjoy rugby, soccer or cricket from the stand the photochromic lenses are an option when you want to switch your current glasses for a new pair. A pair of glasses offering self-tinging lenses provides 100% UV protection when you in the sun and can also be used inside. It basically voids the need for two pairs of glasses, since the outdoor and indoor glasses becomes one. The lenses darken automatically when you go out into the sun to offer all the protection the wearer needs, while it returns to normal the minute you enter a building.

Amazing Benefits Offered By Self-Tinting Lenses

Since the 1960s, self-tinging lenses have been a popular choice, it was Stanley Donald Stookey that discovered it together with William Armistead, and then started producing the lenses that had the ability to tint in reaction to the UV rays of the sun. Many improvements had taken place since the first pair of lenses in terms of performance and quality. It changed the lives of individuals who need their glasses to function properly and the self-tinting lenses were the perfect option for a single pair of glasses that functions as well indoors as outdoors.

Quality Differences in Self-Tinting Lenses

The term photochromic for self-tinting lenses comes from the “Phos” the Greek word for chroma (meaning colour) + (light). The improvement of photochromic lenses offers wearers everything they always wanted, and Zeiss based the quality to meet every demand, which includes in terms of performance and quality it is the best option.

The self-tinting lenses were modernised to quickly react to changes in indoors and outdoors conditions, which offers individuals a convenient solution. At the same time, the self-tinting lenses turn dark while still provides optimal vision when it turns dark to offer effective UV protection. At the same time the self-tinting lenses fit perfectly into the most stylish frames, and instead of only turning dark, it offers harmonious tints.

Rain or Sun Shine, UV Protection Maximised

Zeiss PhotoFusion lenses is a great option when it comes to quality, and with the lenses only taking 15 to 30 seconds to provide the maximum protection when it darkens, they offer normal fusion after 5 to 10 minutes when they lighten up. One of the biggest benefits is that the lenses work on UV protection so whether it is a cloudy day or bright sunshine day, the lenses still offer the ultimate protection.