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Outdoor Parties Not Permitted in New York

Not every politician in the United States of America is ready for their respective economies to reopen. Some of the most vocal names in modern politics have scolded their civilians for engaging in outdoor activities, without permitting the social distancing measures. New Yorkers were seen standing outside bars & clubs, with those individuals breaking the law in multiple ways.

This included Public Intoxication and Disobedience of Coronavirus Measures. This saw Bill de Blasio; the Mayor of New York City vocally target this group of civilians. New Yorkers were informed that public drinking and disregard for social distancing would prompt substantial fines. The Mayor requested that law-abiding civilians call #311 to report large crowds. Law enforcement will disband these crowds, enforcing fines and prison time for repeat offenders.

Some of these locations were found selling alcoholic beverages to crowded civilians. This prompted fines upwards of $25,000.00 for specific locations, which follows after these bars & restaurants were informed that delivery services are the exclusive level of operations permitted. These measures were introduced after Manhattan saw an influx of COVID-19 infections & deaths, with death rates being so extensive that bodies were seen outside. De Blasio refuses to see similar conditions reproduced because of the ignorance of local New Yorkers. He refuted that these actions won’t be tolerated and locations supporting these crowds will be permanently shut down.

Fines & Criminal Proceedings

Those living in New York City have begun disobeying the social distancing measures enlisted by their governor & Mayor. Thousands can be seen in Central Park, walking the local streets, competing in sporting tournaments, and even swimming in shut down public pools. This comes after they’ve remained indoors for two months and desperately crave normalcy. Cravings don’t permit Asymptomatic Civilians passing the virus to the elderly or young, which risks their lives drastically.

Civilians traversing NYC Boardwalks, Parks, Beaches, Sporting Facilities, or Public Pools will receive an immediate fine of $60.00. That valuation can increase drastically for repeat offenders, inevitably leading to criminal sentencing. These warnings to civilians not to disobey social distancing measures outside their homes will continue to be ignored, with fines continuing to be enacted.