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British Civilians Arrested for Protesting Social Distancing

Law Enforcement in Great Britain arrested nineteen civilians from London. These arrests follow after a hundred gathered at London Hyde Park, protesting the remaining social distancing measures still in effect. Boris Johnson had just begun lifting the lockdown measures when protestors became more evident. Civilians not foolish enough to protest against the police were seen at local parks, beaches, and entertainment facilities. Social distancing wasn’t being practised, and thousand could be seen not wearing face masks. It’s prompted medical officers in the London Region to grow concerned for their safety & the protection of civilians.

The ground of individuals that started this protest was located at London’s Hyde Park. They continuously broke the rules associated with this location by stepping on priceless history. These individuals claimed their actions necessary to show politicians they cannot be bullied. However, the overwhelming majority doesn’t agree with these protesters and appreciate the great lengths Parliament is doing to protect their civilians.

Protest Details

This protest initially started as a small group, with it quickly grew in size and hundreds began dominating over the area. Civilians were informed to practice social distancing by On-Site Law Enforcement. Those who didn’t listen to the recommendations of police will receive significant fines of upwards £1,000.00.

Law enforcement in the United Kingdom has received praise from obeying civilians. They’ve continually approached hectic situations with a calm mindset. Nobody has been harmed when social distancing is being broke in Great Britain. However, hundreds have been arrested when not agreeing to follow police or be cuffed. This prompted officers to stop nineteen people caught ignoring both the police and local officers.

The United Kingdom has changed drastically over the last several days. This follows after Boris Johnson announced that lockdown measures are now beginning to be lifted. UK Civilians are now permitted to legally enter stores or parks while committing to a two-feet social distancing protocol.