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Protestors Outside Put Trump Inside

The United States of America is currently in shambles after the COVID-19 pandemic has killed thousands, and an officer of the law murdered an innocent African American civilian. It’s prompted a great level of protests throughout the last two months, with them initially relating to the coronavirus. Now they’ve moved towards the death of George Floyd & become considerably more violent, prompting the inclusion of Military Personnel.

These violent protests have extended towards the White House, prompting Donald Trump to be issued into the capital state buildings bunker. This location in the White House hasn’t ever been used in response to protests, with it typically being reserved for terrorist attacks or war council meetings.

Donald Trump spent an hour inside this bunker, which hasn’t been used since Dick Cheney entered during the 9/11 Attacks. Placing Trump inside this secure facility wasn’t made on the President’s account, with the US Secret Service implementing this decision. Violent attacks on the capital permit this Military Personnel to supersede the President of America.

Their primary responsibility it to protest his life under any conditions. It should be noted that Law Enforcement was called onto scene, demanding that American Civilians leave the White House grounds immediately. Protests on the White House began after Donald Trump issued a statement over Twitter, revealing “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”.

The New York Times 1st reported that Donald Trump was moved into the bunker, which indicates that the American Government is becoming concerned for their safety against local civilians. After permitting a President that engages with communist leaders, enacts policies reminiscent of socialist culture, and actively bolsters his racism against minorities, this concern should be expected. The American Political System has failed under the leadership of Donald Trump, which means these protests more than likely won’t end for a prolonged period.

Law & Order

Donald Trump has now demand Law & Order from Americans, noting that more robust tactics for crowd control will be implemented if these individuals don’t return home. Considering that Trump has threatened their lives, while also condemning the life of George Floyd in a public manner, his demands for Law & Order will go unrecognized.