Thermal Spring in Grjotagja Cave to Itzurun Beach, All the Gorgeous Locations

Lawrence of Morocco recently released the actual location that was used by HBO for the filming of Game of Thrones. The Paint Hall studio in Belfast is the headquarters of this phenomenal series in Northern Ireland. This is also where numerous interior sets are kept, although the outdoor filming locations include Africa and several European countries. The location has massively increased tourism to the countries where filming takes place, and although most are thrilled, not all are pleased.

The Maltese officials are quite unhappy and claim that the filming damaged protected habitats. This forced the GOT team to continue shooting in Croatia. Filming also branched out to Iceland, while the ancient port city Dubrovnik in Croatia was used as a significant scene for King’s Landing. The town has medieval walls on the coast and offers the perfect outdoor stage. Production moved for the third season to Yunkai and Astapor in Morocco, while Iceland was one of the locations used in season seven.

Most Beautiful Filming Locations Throughout the World

The betrayal-and-blood drama focuses on the war between noble families and claimed over 1,500 characters during its previous seven seasons. The Washington Post illustrated each death. The most beautiful outdoor location is used for filming and includes from Iceland to Croatia, Spain to Seville, and most of it takes place in iconic locations in Northern Ireland. Craster’s Keep was filmed in Ireland, while Iceland became more and more the obvious choice for winter scenes. While season one filming took place in Malta and Northern Ireland, in season two, it took place in three different countries adding Iceland. Season five was filmed in four different countries including Spain, Iceland, Croatia and Northern Ireland.

Wolf Filming in Canada

Filming also occurred in several other countries including in Calgary Canada, mainly due to shooting scenes with live stunt animals. Andrew Simpson, the Quigley’s trainer, own more than 30 wolves, and when the Game of Thrones production team reached out to him, he was already busy with another film production. While the hope was that the wolves could be transported during earlier seasons to Ireland, this decision was changed in season 5, when the filming crew simply visited Canada to film wolf scenes in Calgary studio.

It Takes an Entire Village to Film

Game of Thrones is the most expensive and most popular series ever and while George R. R. Martin is the mastermind the fantasy world involves many others that assist in bringing this world to life. When manpower is counted it comes to 3,589, which includes actors, design, editing, sound, effects specialists and ancillary vendors. When split into different departments the count for the camera crew is 251, sound specialists 95, editing 56 and designers 699 including costume makers. The number of actors is 728, and special effects 1,154 plus others like drivers, caterers and other supports people come to 518.