Free & Fit in 2019

It is still the beginning of 2019, which means it is a great time to set fitness goals and if you never reached the goals you set for 2018, it is fine. This year you get a fresh start, and if you focus on making this year more active, you have a much bigger chance of reaching your goals.

Best Strategy is to Have a Strategy

Even before you dust off your outdoor hiking boots or find your active clothes at the bottom of the pile in your cupboard, sit down and take time to think why you wish to become more active, more energetic, fitter and stronger. Vision boards are a great way to keep your goal in mind and once you know why it is important to reach your fitness/weight goal this year you can break it down into monthly goals, weekly targets and even daily goals.

Defining Your 2019 Goal/s

Being more active is bound to get you more outdoors, which in itself is a great feel and it is important to know exactly what your goal is. Would you like to take surfing lessons, skate-ski lessons, explore a whole lot of walking trails or train for a 5K or 10K running race. Your vision board could also include the frequency as well as the duration of all your activities, while there are several sports and activity apps that offers step counting and coaching.

Get Ready Get Practical Get Active

Everyone is motivated by something different, carefully think about what made you fail previously and maybe get a buddy or think of habit changes that will guarantee your success this year. Working out a routine you can stick to is a great way to reach your goal, provided that you keep to the routine. If it is running, walking, cycling or rowing you would like to do this year, join a club, which is great for motivating you to stay on goal as it becomes a group effort and group activity. Whatever the activity is you wish to partake in this year, follow the sport on television or attend events, identify a professional athlete and read up on how they train, their eating plan and what motivates them most.

Getting Involved – Getting Motivated

Outdoor recreation activities such as running, kayak, skiing or even cycling is always looking for volunteers to assist at events, which is a great way to learn more about the sport. Being a volunteer also allows you to meet others that participate, and it is a great way to get involved, while it is the perfect way to enter the sports event. Volunteers receive free training, get to know the rules and have tons of fun and it is a great step towards becoming an active participant. Get to know the athletes, join them in their training programs and soon your life will change from being someone who wants to reach a certain goal to that of a healthy, active person that reaches their active goal this year.