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Florida Battles Tropical Storm Isaias

Floridians were forced into preparation as Tropical Storm Isaias neared closed to their East Coast, bringing an onslaught of horrific rainstorms & massive wings. This marks the 9th storm for 2020s Hurricane Season, with all nine affecting the Florida coast. Before Hurricane Isaias could reach landfall in Florida, its power was diminished & downgraded into a tropical storm. This was before the Turks & Caicos Islands, as well as the Bahamas, took the onslaught of Hurricane Isaias. Unimaginable damage occurred to these islands & will take years to recover moving forward.

The Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis was quick to demand civilian populations remain vigilant, prepping their homes for the worst-case scenario. This follows after Florida was forced to close the majority of Hurricane Shelters, with the few open having to enforce social distancing protocols at the highest extreme. That’s because Florida had become the Worldwide Pandemic Zone for COVID-19, supporting more infections & deaths than Italy.

Infection Rates for the coronavirus in Florida are substantial, reaching higher daily volumes than Italy & all other states in America. August 1st marked more than several thousand new cases, bringing the state total to 487+ thousand. Florida would be outranked by California for Worldwide Pandemic Zone, now supporting 516+ thousand.

The morning of August 2nd saw an onslaught of heavy rain attack the Florida Coast, with that affecting the state for a few hours before Tropical Storm Isaias moved further along the Eastern Coast. The most prominent concern that followed when this former Hurricane made landfall in Florida was the wind speeds, which reached 105km/hour. It caused minor damage to coastal businesses & homes.

Throughout the coming days, Tropical Storm Isaias will reach the state of Georgia. It’ll then attack South Carolina & North Carolina with heavy gusts of wind/rain before gaining speed. Isaias will then plummet onto the state of New York at greater speeds & power than Florida, reaching an anticipated 120Km/hour by August 4th. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo informed his population that flash flooding is inevitable & that heavy winds will cause significant damage in Manhattan, extending towards Brooklyn and the Bronx.

It should be mentioned that millions in Florida are without power that isn’t anticipated to be fully restored until August 5th. Suppliers of Food, Water, and Medicine are struggling to traverse the roads of Florida after flooding debris surged from the coastline. Subsequently, civilian populations have been informed to remain indoors & prepare for isolation until a maximum of August 7th.