You Should Leave Your Hat On

Everyone knows that you should protect yourself from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. There are a few ways to protect yourself, these include sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and topping that with a hat can almost double the protection. Hats further protect your eyes and assists sunglasses in blocking UV rays, while it also increases the protection offered by sunblock and at the end of the day. Hats are cool and can make quite the fashion statement next to the cricket field, while watching soccer or while walking.

Ultimate Guide for Hats

There are so many different styles of hats that it is basically impossible to describe all, which is why we list those most popular at the moment. But before you run off to purchase a few caps and hats, it might be wise to learn more about hats.

Broad-Brimmed Hats

When it comes to being sun smart the hat most recommended by skin specialists are the broad-brimming hat since the brim shades the neck, ears, face and assist sunglasses in protecting the wearer’s eyes.

Broad-brimmed hats also go by the name floppy hat or big brim hats and as the name implies these have a huge brim and at times even protects the shoulders from the sun. These are extremely popular and quite fashionable; the brims can be up to 10 inches although mostly they are between 4 inches up to 6 inches. Due to its fashion value, the hat is available in a variety of colours and different styles, an array of different materials and the brims can be in even more styles.

Surfer-Style or Bucket Hats

The surfer-style or also called bucket hat need a deep crown so that it can sit low on the head in order to provide sun protection. The brim needs to be angled in such a way that the ears, neck and face are protected via enough shade.

Legionnaire Hats

The benefit of legionnaire hats is the flap at the back that covers the back of the neck, ears and the peak at the front can offer protection to the face, eyes and ears.

Apple Cap

The apple cap is basically a version of the newsboy cap, although it is a larger, much more stylish version, quite popular with the gentleman who wish to dress up or ladies loving to accessorise via the latest fashion items. The apple cap is made via eight panels, and when stitched together it is normally completed via a button on the top. The front peak of the cap is great for face and eye protection, although the hat can lack in protecting the ears and neck area.

Baseball Cap

It is most of the hats most worn, and it is loved by both male and female, while it is perfect for casual wear and mostly made form 6 quarter panels stitched together. The peak lengths differ hugely, which also determines the protection offered against the sun. Yet the real sun smart hat choice remains the floppy or wide brim hat.