Most Perfect for Minimalist Runners

A decade ago the barefoot running shoe became the most popular, even with the massive popularity it changed over the past few years and mostly fizzled out, although many runners still believe the minimalist shoes are the best.

The whole idea of minimalist or barefoot running shoes started from a simple idea, the less shoe there is, the more you. It was based on the less support and cushioning engage the runner’s foot more, which would strengthen the muscles of the ankle and foot. The whole idea is and was based on the fact that injury rates would drop and running with barefoot shoes would improve the efficiency of the runner. The whole idea was also based on the Tarahumara tribe that could cover hundreds of miles without any injury while wearing wafer-thin sandals. Runners loved the minimalism idea that connects them to the organic barefoot experience that would improve their form.

Minimalist Runners Today

Unfortunately, as great as the whole idea sounded it never deliver on all the promises and in strengthening the foot muscles, which would be highly beneficial to all runners no matter the distance, the barefoot method seemed to be a risky way to achieve it. Thousands of runners around the world instantly jumped into the barefoot craze and ditched their supportive running shoes to pay super high prizes for barefoot shoes, for many this meant the start of pains, aches and the injuries kept increasing.

The whole idea of minimalism shoes died out although many runners still believe it works the way it was intended. Many are still curious and makes a safe transition to the barefoot runner’s shoe. Experts advise that at first, these runners should alternate between more supportive shoes and the barefoot running shoes.

Minimalist Shoes & Thousands Won’t Wear Anything Else

Barefoot running shoes provide minimal interference with the runners natural running movement, and it is probably the most flexible of all running shoes. The weight of the shoes are minimal and the offers a total absence of stability and motion control.

At first, the barefoot shoes became so popular that the five fingers/toe shoe was developed that also separates the runner’s toes to further increase complete functionality of every muscle in the foot. Barefoot running shoes are evaluated according to weight, drop, motion control, flexibility, stack height, and stability and the higher the score, the more minimalistic the running shoe is. Even though the minimalist barefoot running shoes are less popular than before thousands of runners still believe it is the best and continues to only run in barefoot shoes.

Currently one of the most popular shoes is the Vanish-R, which is so light that it offers the same sensation as running without shoes. The Vanish-R was created by Altra to provide runners with honest-to-goodness running that offers a snappy feel. The shoe offers thin uppers – almost like a second skin, has a zero-drop outsole and is the best ever option for those who want to go as shoeless as possible.