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Canada Urged to Reopen Parks

Health experts worldwide have determined that civilians are best suited in outdoor environments. Research on the novel coronavirus has revealed that extensive indoor consumption will lower chances of immunity to the virus. Warnings are being issued to world government to reopen their national parks, local walking trails, and outdoor facilities. Social distancing will still be required, but civilians will obtain essential proteins that are obtained exclusively outside. It’ll benefit them long-term in their resistance factor to COVID-19.

Infectious Disease Specialists have extensively researched indoor spaces that had coronavirus outbreaks. These locations include nursing homes, cruise ships, and food production facilities. All are enclosed spaces that don’t have access to fresh air. It creates a stale environment where germs are more easily spread, while also better combining themselves to surfaces. Governments should abide by these recommendations, as there haven’t been any COVID-19 outbreaks centres around outdoor environments like local parks.

Canada was one of the 1st nations to receive WHO Recommendations, which follows after multiple cities have shut down their local playgrounds and outdoor facilities. Forests, Walking Paths, and Rivers are also banned from public usage. Residents found walking through local parks have been fined under certain conditions, causing public outrage. Avoiding these recommendations and enforcing Canadians indoors could prompt increased outrage.

The Fines

One fine exceeded $800.00 for a Canadian located in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada. This man was merely walking his dog through the park when a bylaw enforcement officer ticketed him. Another individual in Ontario was fined $880.00 for rollerblading in an empty park, prompting the question of why by law enforcement officers are ticketing to such extreme rates, especially when countries like the United Kingdom and the United States have lower fines less than $100.00.

Respect the Research

Health experts have worked 24 hours daily since the pandemic broke out on December 31st, 2019. The significant rate of information pouring in is allowing these individuals to assess the situation better. Considering they’ve got the medical background and educational support, politicians in Canada would be foolish not to listen. It’s known that Province Premiers like John Horgan approve the concept of reopening outdoor facilities. Others like Doug Ford think it’d revert the progress already made.