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American Civilians Allowed Outside Against Medical Advice

Medical experts worldwide have advised government leaders not to lift their lockdown measures, that it’ll prompt increased infections and deaths. These politicians are refusing to listen to these experts and instead concern themselves more with the economy. Countries that haven’t lifted their lockdown measures are seeing civilians break protocols for recreation time or protests. The most notable country where this is occurring is America, with Trump Supporters leaning towards protests and liberals enjoying recreation time. Neither party is correct, and both are risking their lives drastically.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States of America, 1.1 million civilians have contracted the virus, and 67+ thousand have died. Thirty states throughout America have begun lifting their lockdown measures, with locations like California remaining vigilant against continuous protests. For every state that allows for civilians to enter parks or engage with local businesses are increasing the chances for a 2nd wave, which would be considerably worse and more deadly than the 1st.

Then there are the states that are meeting in the middle, engaging with special orders demanding elders to remain indoors for prolonged periods. This includes Georgie, which has implemented a lockdown protocol for elderly civilians until June 12th. Locations like Arkansas are allowing for Fitness Centres to reopen on May 4th, with Hair Salons following on the 6th. Medical experts are now warning those still listening in America to double down on their social distancing measures, for things are about to become much worse.

One state that’s doomed to see increased infections and deaths in Colorado. Multiple business and offices are reopening on May 4th at 50% occupancy. This includes Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Tattoo Parlors, and Entertainment Centres. Medical experts were shocked by Colorado Politicians making this decision. However, this shocked was doubled down when New York City announced parks and open spaces would reopen on May 2nd. Considering that NYC is the Global Epidemic Zone for the novel coronavirus, their rate of infections and deaths are about to skyrocket. Medical experts anticipate that NYC will see another 100+ thousand bodies buried at Hart Island throughout the next month if these lifted restrictions aren’t immediately reversed.