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Children Permitted Outside in Spain

Spanish parents were shocked to learn that law enforcement was permitting children to leave their homes, which hasn’t been possible for six weeks amidst the coronavirus pandemic. After considerable debate on which countries would begin lifting their social distancing measures, Spain was the only one that followed. Residents located in France and Italy were informed of extended lockdowns. Streets in Spain broke out in laughter and joy, while roads throughout France or Italy were basked in sadness.

Children throughout Spain could be heard shouting from their neighbourhoods, with bicycles flying down every street without a vehicle in their way. Parents through Spain have spent 1.5 months watching over their children, hoping for the time when life would return to normal. Medical officials outside of Spain are shocked by the government’s decision, with Spain having the 2nd highest number of infections worldwide. The early lifting of social distancing will cause a secondary wave through the Spanish provinces.

Most parents and children at that moment didn’t care about the consequences of another wave, with mothers like Susana Sabate expressing wondrous joy that her twin boys could return outside. Shortly after the sun had risen, these two youngsters took their scooters throughout the neighbourhood. Other than going to the bathroom or getting some food, they wouldn’t return until the sun was close to setting.

The European Infection

Nations that’ve seen the novel coronavirus have minimal infections, with percentages decreasing daily, are still implementing lockdown measures. Worldwide leaders accurately informed about the virus are aware that a prolonged lockdown is required to minimize a 2nd wave, which would be more deadly and rapidly spread. It should be noted that three million worldwide have contracted the novel coronavirus, with 200+ thousand dying. Analysts suspect those numbers are considerably higher.

Most global health officials concern themselves with the European Union. It’s there that testing is being widely accepted, with Donald Trump’s America not allowing for any outside sources. Regulatory loopholes throughout Europe aren’t remotely as challenging as America’s, meaning when a vaccine for the novel coronavirus is created, Europeans will receive it 1st. This follows after British Scientists have already begun human trails.