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Best 2020 Car Bike Racks

The use of bike racks is a common tool for many who love the outdoors and wish to explore areas further from home. However, like most items that are focused towards cycling, the number of bike racks continues to expand, and therefore determining which are the better ones to invest in, we undertook some research. Over the last five years, and after countless bike rack purchases, we know how difficult it is to find the perfect rack suited to your needs.

During the course of our testing, we tested many, and through the process of elimination, we think we found a few winners. Yet, to give our opinions some added credibility, it is important to mention that not only did we carry out tests on the racks themselves, but also the hitch mounts. Naturally, to get the best understanding, we switched these between cars, trucks and even SUV’s. We tested within city environments, off road, tested the convenience for parking, mileage and all those overlooked in-between areas we know make a difference.

Kuat Trio

The Kuat Trio is our top choice as a roof mounting rack, and for so many reasons. This is not the first time we have put our recommendation behind the Kuat Trio and nor do we expect it will be the last. The design is perfectly suitable for multiple axle configurations right from the get-go, and that only further increases its appeal, especially for those new to using a bike rack. This is due to Kuat devising an innovative solution allowing it to carry bikes in a standard format, and it the innovative approach allows buyers to avoid the costly add on’s of buying adaptors should they wish to use another configuration.

The real positive comes from its versatility to enable it to be mounted to virtually any crossbar with its unique U-bolt style clamp. Furthermore, Kuat had the presence of mind to design a cut-away that allows for disc brake callipers clearance that are common with mountain bikes. Overall, this one tops our list and is perfect for the casual or serious biker wanting an easy to use bike rack that is affordable.

Thule T2 Pro XT

The Thule T2 Pro XT ranks as one of favourites and for good reason. First and foremost, the rack performs well under all tests carried out. The rack delivers a high rate of versatility and is excellent in terms of user-friendliness. The real plus is that its design makes it easy to use whether you are using it to haul heavier bikes or those that are made with carbon fibre.

The positive side is the excellent use of ergonomics which are key to its low lying height. Likewise, the adjustable ratcheting wheel clamp is just thoughtful and make it even more user-friendly in comparison to other models tests. The design is compatible with most wheel sizes, and its wide wheel trays make quick work of loading your bike and getting on the road faster. One recommendation though if considering purchasing this rack, buy the tool-free attachment as it is a major time saver.