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Birds Disappearing Rapidly

Journal Science has published a new study that shows disturbing evidence that bird populations in North America have dropped by 29% since 1970, which equates to more than 3 Million Birds. The report demands action on what’s an evident ecological crisis for habits worldwide, showing incredible losses for some of the most diverse species of bird. These include iconic breeds like the Meadowlarks, Swallows and Sparrows. Subsequently, it’s become rare to see birds participating in ecologic environments outside of forests or swamps.

The report released by Journal Science mentions that birds are the first indicators of environmental instability, that the loss of birds show natural ecologic environments across North America are now impacted severely by human activity. It also shows that these environments can’t support the former robust wildlife populations it did five decades ago. For many, this is negative news that requires immediate attention from the American and Canadian Governments.

The Reports Findings

Journal Science mentioned that the 29% drop since 1970 in bird populations in North America had affected primarily twelve bird species. It’s estimated that of the percentage indicated above, 90% of those losses come from these twelve species. The most notable birds dropping rapidly include Swallows, Sparrows, Finches and Warblers. These are creatures that play critical roles in our ecosystems, from the dispersal of seeds to controlling rodent populations.

The most significant declines of bird species being affected include Grassland Breeds, who have had a reduction of 53% in North America. This is a loss of 720 Million Birds. Shoreline species, known for their coastal habits have also reached critical numbers. It’s estimated that more than 1/3 of the popular has declined since 1970. The Journal Science Report also revealed that in the last decade, spring migration of birds has dropped by 14%. All these facts are considerably alarming.

The Evidence

Journal Science collected their evidence regarding bird population and migration declines from the NEXRAD Weather Radar System, which is managed across North America. They reviewed the data for ten years from more than 143 systems and correlated their findings with fifty years of information from bird monitoring. The evidence couldn’t be denied and was groundbreaking for scientists.
Journal Science opted to not discuss the reason for these rapid declines, with the evidence of climate change being clear. North America has seen higher losses of bird population than anywhere else globally, which increase diseases and multiple other issues. The increase of bird habits in America and Canada would allow for populations to bounce back in less than two decades.