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Donald Trump Travels Outside with COVID-19

COVID-19 can infect anyone, even Heads of State. This has been proven multiple times throughout the pandemic. The most recent leader in contracting the coronavirus is President Donald Trump, who is meant to remain in isolation for fourteen days after a positive diagnosis. Standard to the behaviour of Donald Trump, he ignored the recommendations of advisors & medical experts. POTUS was seen leaving the “Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre”.

Not four days after learning of his diagnosis has Donald Trump left the facility, potentially infecting dozens along his warpath for a 2nd term. This ignorant behaviour has seen significant criticism from the opposing Democratic Party, which Trump adeptly ignored & claimed his brilliance to Republic constituents.

The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention was the 1st official organization to criticize the behaviour of President Donald Trump. Criticism was issued professionally, with the CDC reminding the American public that coronavirus infected must remain isolated for fourteen days & remain inside a dedicated sick room. The CDC reminder came hours after POTUS’s announcement of his positive infection for COVID-19.

Foolishness Continues

The lack of care & attention to detail from President Donald Trump is concerning. POTUS is receiving the best healthcare assistance available in America at “Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre”. Leaving the facility without a designated N95 Respirator Mask is despicable, with Walter Reed having thousands on-stock. Donald Trump left the medical centre wearing a standard cloth face-covering, which can still transmit COVID-19 to others if not securely fastened to the jawline & ears.

President Donald Trump has maintained symptoms of acute respiratory coronavirus, which requires a minimum of fourteen days quarantine & then retesting. Under the condition that the infected continues to have a positive test, an additional fourteen days are implemented. This process repeats until a negative reading for COVID-19 is seen with tests.

Considering the older age of President Donald Trump, it could be a prolonged period before he’s cleared of COVID-19. His recent actions have brought into question the legitimacy of his coronavirus infection, with some political expects hypothesizing that Donald is using a COVID-19 positive test to garner sympathy votes. It’s an unlikely tactic for White House Campaign Managers to implement.