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First Coronavirus Death Outside Asia

Tourism can sometimes be beneficial for our global economy, with there also be a chance for it to be detrimental. This was proven again when a Chinese tourist located in France passed away from the coronavirus. It marks the 1st death from Covid-19 since the outbreak began on December 31st. Representatives from the Bichat Hospital expressed that the woman was eighty years of age, that she’d arrived at France for vacation purposes and didn’t display any infection upon her initial departure.

This unidentified woman had spent her final days in the hospital, originally arriving on January 25th. She’d initially arrived in France on January 16th, which was before travelling blockades were implemented globally. Bichat Hospital Representatives expressed that this woman was born in the Province of Hubei, living within its jurisdictional confines for her entire life. Hubei is the primary centre for the coronavirus outbreak, with Wuhan being its most prominent city. 89% of all infections are listed in the Hubei province.

It’s expected that all ten patients hospitalized with the coronavirus in France came into contact with this older woman. Four of these individuals have recovered from the sickness and been released back into the public. The additional six patients remain quarantined in the Bichat hospital, with their next prognosis slated for January 20th. Depending on the strength of an individual’s respective immune system, the coronavirus can heal with antibiotics in one to seven days. Doctors with Bichat Hospital urged citizens not to spread concern, with these six individuals not displaying life-threatening conditions.

The Untold Truth

There have been nine countries in the European Union that have reported the coronavirus, bringing the total cases to forty-six. Germany has experienced the highest number of cases for Europe, with their infected standing at sixteen. When it applies to the publicly available number for Covid-19 infected, the quantity exceeds 60+ thousand. The overwhelming majority of those experiencing coronavirus symptoms are located in China, with a publicly listed number of 1500 dead. 8500 citizens in China have recovered from their death, with leaked footage from Chinese citizens indicating that the death rate is considerably higher than what’s being told by the government.

Chinese citizens are experiencing an overwhelming urge for global help against their government, with leaked footage from Chinese mainlanders begging for the world for assistance. It’s YouTube clips like these that prompted the World Health Organization to force their presence in China, with those respective nationals not receiving the required medical assistance needed to survive.