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Seattle Permits Outdoor Sports to Resume

October 6th marked the date when the Governor of Washington announced that outdoor sporting events could resume. Local sporting institutions continuing their contention wasn’t immediate, with delegations on rescheduled seasons having unfolded for twelve-days. It’s been revealed that “Outdoor Youth Sports Programs” with softball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, football, and endurance running has resumed for official contention.

Sports parks throughout Washington have resisted the updated legislation from their Governor. King County Parks wasn’t one of these locations, permitting multiple youth programs to resume on October 15th. Numerous social distancing restrictions have been implemented to eliminate infection of COVID-19. This includes a smaller number of participants in daily sporting activity. Each local team is evaluated on their low-to-high risk level for coronavirus. The higher risked teams won’t be permitted access into King County Parks.

Ranking the conditions of each team hasn’t been easily accomplished. Between October 6th to 15th, healthcare experts were employed to make these assessments accurately. Athletes & Teams are being reviewed daily, with parents supporting coronavirus symptoms being informed to stay home with their young adults. It should be noted that King County Park has also evaluated which sports offer Low-Risk of Contact & which have High-Risk of Contact.

  • Low-Risk Sports: Tennis, Diving, Swimming, Disc Golf, and Endurance Running.
  • Moderate Risk Sports: T-Ball, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Cricket, and Field Hockey.
  • High-Risk Sports: Basketball, Rugby, Football, Water Polo, Roller Derby, MMA, and Boxing.

Local baseballers have until October 31st to complete their regional games, similar to other Moderate Risk & High-Risk Sports. The reasoning for this is because winter season will be weeks away, with infections slated to rise drastically during that period. Accounting for the shopping season of Christmas & the holidays themselves, thousands of coronavirus infections are expected throughout Washington State.

It should be noted that Low-Risk Sports wanting to compete after October 31st must initiate a “Safety Plan” which’ll include facial covering & physical distancing. Anyone refusing to wear facemasks & commit to any additional measures will find themselves removed from King County Park facilities immediately. Second warnings won’t be issued.