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The Best Adventure Festivals Worldwide

Some people prefer living their lives on the edge. They live by the motto of working hard and playing hard too. For these particular people, there are many regular events to attend or just put on their bucket lists. Every third Saturday in October is called Bridge Day in the state of West Virginia. This is the day when roughly 100 000 adventure seekers gather at the New River Gorge Bridge to legally take the jump off the bridge to the river, 876 feet below. This event draws excellent attention from all over the world, both in the form of base jumpers and those who prefer to be there in the capacity of providing support.

Ice Climbing in Wyoming

Every year in February since 1998, Cody in Wyoming is home to some ice climbing clinics. These clinics are delivered in various levels of intensity from beginner to much more advanced, and they offer classes for only female groups too. The event is also known as a brilliant display of the most advanced gear in the market, provided by the leading suppliers in the industry. Don’t forget to purchase a pint glass when your training is complete since bottomless beer is an added feature to this fun event.

Bike Riding in Colorado

In 1980 this great tradition took off. Better known as Crested Butte Bike Week, taking place in Crested Butte in Colorado. A true celebration of everything bike. The event has many options to choose from, and bike films, races, activities for kids, tours and costumes are all adding to the colourful and fun flair of the occasion. The week is ended on a high note with live music and grand festivities.

Visit Montana for the Whitewater Festival

Part of Montana history since 1975 is the Bigfork Whitewater Festival. During this time the Swan River comes alive with canoes, paddleboards and kayakers. All of them are testing their skills against the mighty power of the Swan River with its Class IV rapids. The riverbed is lined with huge boulders, and therefore the men and women who come out stronger on the other side are referred to as Whitewater warriors. The river offers many sites for spectators, and the Flathead Lake Brewing Company ensures that they are never left thirsty on the riverbank.

Arkansas Bringing the Horseshoe of Hell

The 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell are for those who know how to climb as well as how to party. Set in September every year, Jasper in Arkansas is the place where people come for belays and beer. Even though the two are never allowed to mix since the teams competing will need to be in peak state as they compete with each other to complete the routes. Organizations exist of two people who are involved in 24 hours straight climbing. Curious costumes and crazy haircuts have added an extra fun feeling to the event which is founded in the comradery between climbers.